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Antiflu 12mg/ml Syrup is an antiviral medicine used to treat and prevent influenza (flu) as well as, swine flu (H1N1 virus). It helps to relieve the symptoms of the flu virus infection like a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, cough, body aches, tiredness, headache, fever, and chills.

ANTIFLU 12MG contains Oseltamivir which belongs to the group of medicines called neuraminidase inhibitors. It is used in the treatment of influenza infection (flu) in adults, adolescents, children and infants (including full-term newborns). Influenza, also known as flu, is a common viral infection which often includes signs such as sudden fever, cough, runny or stuffy nose, headaches, muscle aches and extreme tiredness. Although, these symptoms can be caused by other infections, a true influenza infection occurs only during the annual outbreaks, where the flu viruses spread rapidly in the local community.

ANTIFLU 12MG can also be used in the prevention of influenza infection in adults, adolescents, children and infants (full-term newborns or newborns aged above 1 year), when they have been contacted with an infected person or under exceptional circumstances (such as uncontrollable global epidemic of flu).

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