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Dr Ortho Strong Oil


? Helpful In joint discomforts
? Formulated with 8 effective natural herbs
? Purely an Ayurvedic product without any side effects
? It absorbs deep into the skin properly

Pain relief in ayurveda?has come a long way. Dr. Ortho is one of the?best pain relief oil?that helps relieve pain to some extent. Be it because of inflammation, soreness, joint discomforts, sprains, this?pain relief oil in ayurveda?happens to be very potent.

Dr. Ortho Oil?uses modern-day technology to refine its traditional blend of?8 herbal oils?for providing the user with the maximum pain-relieving benefits of the herbs used. This?body pain relief oil?has essential oils like Kapoor oil, Gandhapura oil, and Jyotishmati Oil, which have pain-relieving benefits. What makes this one of the?best pain relief oil?is the fact that it also has oils that provide their anti-inflammatory qualities to help soothe the inflammation to some level, like Alsi Oil & Nirgundi Oil.

A gentle application of?Dr. Ortho Oil?provides a soothing sensation with its pudina oil and gets to work on the affected area seamlessly with its non-sticky blend. One can use this to ease their?joint pain, rare?pain in the shoulder,?pain in the back of knee,?pain in both legs, or?back pain?to some level, so it is not too discomforting or unbearable.

Dr. Ortho Oil?is free from any side effects since it is 100% ayurvedic. This also adds to it being one of the best?pain relief oil in ayurveda.

Weight 60 g




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